IMT Manesar: Current Issues

Metro Valley has studied the entire IMT plan to understand the gaps between the vision set by HSIIDC at conception and the current reality of the site.

IMT Manesar was envisaged as an Industrial Model Township encompassing residential, commercial, office and industrial establishments. That is the reason it was appropriately christened as IMT (Integrated Model Township). This area was primarily expected to see city development riding on the back of industries and IT industry setting up their operations along with other city initiatives planned.


With a wide range of operational industrial units, it would be appropriate to call it an integrated industrial park. However because of certain issues investors at IMT Manesar are currently experiencing a lack of occupier interest, leading to slow development and resulting in closure of some industrial units.

The following are some of the main issues that need attention:

  • Traffic congestion at the toll plaza leading to time delay and increased access costs.
  • Lack of public transportation connectivity
  • Increasing number of Non-operational Industrial units
  • Unoccupied IT Parks
  • Reducing employment since 2009
  • Inadequate parking facilities for trucks
  • Insufficient Housing: General & Worker Housing.
  • Increasing difficulty in acquisition of land for future expansion, and problems of enhanced compensation to farmers for already acquired lands
  • Risk of flash floods due to inadequate storm water drainage management.

Insufficient Worker Housing
Insufficient Worker Housing
As per the Policy regarding grant of development of Industrial Colony dated 09.07.2013, IMT Manesar is supposed to have at least 3% of the land of IMT to be allocated for the development of worker housing and additional 12% for the development of general housing. Presently it has only 0.1%% of land is allocated for worker housing and 3.3% of the land towards General Housing including EWS.
Toll Plaza and Traffic Congestion
Toll plaza between the city of Gurgaon and Manesar leads to long delays, increasing employers costs along with causing pollution.
Insufficient Welfare and Amenities
Insufficient Welfare and Amenities
One major issue for an Industrial area is constantly finding skilled labour. IMT manesar faces a problem of a constant search for employing skilled labour because of several issues like lack of housing, connectivity etc and also for relying on migration of skilled labour from other industrial areas
Service and Logistics
Service and Logistics
IMT Manesar needs adequate services like loading unloading on a daily basis. Therefore the truck traffic in this area has always been a key management issue. Trucks idling along the roads also add to the traffic congestion in the area.
Flooding in Manesar
Flooding in Manesar
Manesar has always faced the dangers of flooding due the close proximity to the southern hills. During the rainy season the run -off from the hills can cause several issues for Manesar