Understanding GMUC

The Gurgaon Manesar Urban Complex 2031 plan (GMUC 2031) is the latest iteration of the development plan for the area around Gurgaon and IMT Manesar, that will guide and manage development foreseen in the future. The city of Gurgaon is growing at a rapid pace and GMUC 2031 was
developed to complement the growth potential of the region. The plan for the areas between Gurgaon and IMT Manesar were drawn with access to public transportation and open space corridors along with commerce and amenities required to support the residential development.
The plan envisages the overall population of the region to reach close to 42 Lakhs by the year 2031. The open space strategies on the plan indicate buffer areas and conservation zones between the industrial town of Manesar and the urban fringe areas of Gurgaon.
Illustrated Master Plan as per GMUC 2031
Existing Villages Existing Villages
GMUC 2031 Boundary GMUC 2031 Boundary
Proposed Metro Lines Proposed Metro Lines
Proposed Transportation Hub Proposed Transportation Hub
Residential Residential
Public and Semi Public Use Public and Semi Public Use
Commercial / Office Commercial / Office
Industrial Industrial
Existing Town Existing Town
Open Space Open Space
Agricultural Zone Agricultural Zone
Special Zone Special Zone
Natural Conservation Zone Natural Conservation Zone
Hubs Hubs
IMT Manesar Phase V Site IMT Manesar Phase V Site