Phase V: Existing Condition

The HSIIDC Phase V site, shown in dotted line, covers an area of 1068.30 acres in total. The site is connected to NH-8 on the south side and are serviced by other sectorial roads to the north and east side for access and connectivity. Large portions of the site are currently used as fields for agriculture. Although there is substantial residential development to the north of the HSIIDC site.


There are two existing villages within the site and some areas around the villages has been reserved for the expansion that will also help in integration with the surrounding development. The thin white lines indicate the existing road network between these villages.

Preliminary examinations of the satellite imagery reveal that at least five significant


water bodies exist and are spread in different low lying areas of the site. The illustration documents the existing water bodies on site and their proximity to the villages and the area available for development.

The water bodies on site are indicated in dark blue colour and the area under the influence of increase and decrease of water levels are indicated in light blue.

Phase V: Existing Condition   Phase V: Existing Condition
Existing Villages Existing Villages
HSIIDC Site Boundary HSIIDC Site Boundary
Existing Streets Existing Streets
Existing Water Bodies Existing Water Bodies
Land Not Acquired By HSIIDC Land Not Acquired By HSIIDC
As Per Gurgaon Manesar Urban Complex 2031
Zone For Village Expansion Zone For Village Expansion
Proposed Metro Line Proposed Metro Line
Proposed Metro Stations Proposed Metro Stations
10 Minute Walk Radii From Stations 10 Minute Walk Radii From Stations