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(Haryana State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd) recognises that citizens are both, the reason as well stakeholders in the process of evolution of any urban development. Hence in our new proposed plan for Industrial Model Township of Manesar in Gurgaon we welcome comments and constructive criticism in order to create a lead by example development model that relates to real needs and desires of the people while being socially and culturally stimulating. Your contribution and ideas will be gratefully acknowledged. It is advisable to register to access the full website.
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Roadmap for Sustainable  Development of Industrial Townships
The attempt in this site is to create a lead by example, people focused industrial township model, which encompasses diverse human, social, environmental and cultural solutions, based on basic Indian philosophy of creating more from less. Read More
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IMT Manesar:  Current Issues
The Gurgaon Manesar Urban Complex 2031 plan (GMUC 2031) is the latest iteration of the development plan for the area around Gurgaon and IMT Manesar, that will guide and manage development foreseen in the future. Read More
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IMT Manesar:  Development Potential
1500 acres of hillock, currently a cause for flooding in IMT Manesar, presents a great opportunity to become the green lungs of township. This roadmap for sustainable development proposes to convert this hillock into a recreational park. Read More
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IMT Manesar Phase V - Master Plan Strategies IMT Manesar Phase V - Master Plan Strategies
The master plan of HSIIDC Phase-5 takes addresses the existing problems and constraints and integrates solutions for Connectivity, Housing, Social Infrastructure, Multipurpose Open Spaces and Regeneration of the green cover for an equitable future. Read More
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IMT Manesar: Economic Planning
The master planning of HSIIDC Phase-5 plan is not only a fresh approach to the planning exercise but is a fairly grounded effort in establishing the financial viability and profitability of such an endeavour. Read More
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Solution for IMT Manesar:  Equitable Access
An effort has been made in this document to imagine cities in a radically different way so that they become equitable, safe and inclusive for those who till now are less privileged either physically or socially. Read More
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Planting, Street Furniture,  Signage and Public Art
The emerging cities of India are seen as the crucibles of future growth of the country into one of the leading economies in Asia and the world. In the coming decades India will witness the rise of more than 400 tier 3 cities into dense urban conglomerations. Read More
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IMT Manesar: 
Social Intervention
IMT Manesar Phase V:
Master Plan Strategies
Constants Deduction
Social Requirement
Integrated Master Plan
Socially Inclusive Planning
Integrated Land Use Plan
Ecologically Responsive Development
Infrastructure Planning
Multi-modal Streets
Implementation Plan
Graphical Summary